Opening the LIFT Lottery for BETA use

Quite proudly, we have just launched a major update to our Bitcoin Lottery.

A Bitcoin Lottery? Yes, and it’s free, too!

So head over there and claim your free tickets!

Please keep in mind, we are just launching this project in a second beta, so there might still be some bugs that we will have to chase out.

[UPDATE 17.5.13]:
We made a small change to the prize draw rules: A single player can no longer win more than one prize during a raffle. Before the change it would have been possible (however unlikely) for a single player with many tickets to win all 3 prizes in one round. We thought this would be kind of unfair, so we changed this quickly today.

[UPDATE 17.5.13]:
Here’s some top secret insights on round 3’s results:
– the grand winner owned 23 tickets when the raffle ended.
– the 2nd winner, that was us (our donations address), was playing with 30 tickets.
– the 3rd winner had claimed only 2 tickets and won with 0,28% final odds!
Because we won 2nd prize ourselves this round, we decided to throw some extra BTC back to the Prize Pool. Round 4 is on folks! More winners on Sunday!

[UPDATE 18.5.13]:
We have had a bot attack over night! Someone managed to enter the raffle with over 1000 BTC addresses and random IPs. To keep the raffle fair we have taken some quick measures to lock the bots out, but we also had to bulk-delete all tickets submitted between 04:40 and 10:34 (UTC) today. Sorry for the inconvenience. If we have deleted some of your honestly claimed tickets, please leave a comment and we will do what’s possible to restore them!

[UPDATE 22.5.13]:
We hate CAPTCHAs just as much as you do. However, there were still some suspected cheaters lately and we see no other choice than putting a CAPTCHA in place to keep it fair for all “human” players. What we have set up right now is a quick fix to lock the bots and scripters out for good! We’ll try to think of something less annoying for the longer term.

[UPDATE 9.6.13]:
Today we are announcing the LIFT Lottery 2.0 BETA. We have upgraded our Lottery with a lot of awesome new features. You can now win multiple tickets and instant satoshis. This update is not fully finished and tested, yet, but we decided to let you play right ahead anyway. Enjoy!
Please keep in mind this is a very early test so we might run into some issues.

[UPDATE 13.6.13]:
We have just deployed a very important update! You are now able to view the lottery’s previous winners at the very bottom of the page.

[UPDATE 21.6.13]:
We have changed the schedule a bit. After Sunday we will move to 48hrs per raffle. With the fine exception of the sunday raffle lasting only 24hrs. To compensate for the longer raffles we have also increased the prizes generously ;)

[UPDATE 23.6.13]:
Due to several requests by our players we have rolled out a new feature! Each player can now select to delay his payments indefinitely beyond reaching the dust limit. The feature can be found under the expanded player details! By default every player will be included in the next payout as soon as his pending balance reaches 5430 Satoshis. Now you can decide to let your pending balance build up as long as you wish before being transferred to your wallet.

[UPDATE 23.6.13]:
The greatly missed “paid-per-view” site has offered to sponsor our lottery for a while. It’s time to cheer! We have doubled prizes and 12hour raffles for the coming days! read more

[UPDATE 30.6.13]:
The raffles have been switched back to drawing prizes once every 24 hours.

[UPDATE 9.7.13]:
Today the LIFT Lottery has been running for 2 months! Spot-on, Google AdSense has blocked our account for yet unknown reasons. We are looking into new ways to finance the lottery now.


We greatly appreciate any constructive feedback! Just leave us a comment below or join the discussion on

29 thoughts on “Opening the LIFT Lottery for BETA use

  1. nybbler905

    please add some way of seeing what time the server is at so we know X hours left until the draw.

    1. adminadmin Post author

      Hi nybbler905,

      thanks for your feedback! we have changed the current raffle to show a countdown instead of an end-date and -time.

      good luck in the draw! not much time left ;)

  2. Diane

    Good Morning,

    Re: Bot Attack

    It’s extremely unfortunate someone has done this, I myself had 7-8 honestly claimed tickets. I noticed a drastic increase in the amount of addresses myself last night when I claimed my last 2 tickets, they had gone from under 60 to over 400. I thought this was odd as the previous draw had around 100 address total.

    Hope you guys can get back up and running soon.

    1. adminadmin Post author

      Hi Diane,

      We have put some additional validation features in place, cleaned a bulk of potentially cheated tickets from the database and are keeping a close eye on things. We hope we have locked the bots out for good now, but we are afraid we will have to use a CAPTCHA on the site soon if we see the bots sneaking in again… :(

      We are really sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this must cause to anyone who might have lost honest tickets during the database cleaning. Send us an email to admin(at) or comment here with your lost ticket amount and bitcoin address, we will to restore your lost tickets.

      We have brought the Lottery back online for now so you can start claiming more tickets again!

      Thank-you for playing in the BETA lottery!

  3. quartx

    Hello, i cant seem to claim any tickets after u added security, my isp allocates dynamic ip

    1. adminadmin Post author

      Hi quartx,

      what kind of feedback message are you getting? dynamic IP should not be a problem actually.

      If you let us know what kind of response you are getting we will be able to see what the problem might be.

  4. goldbit89

    i enter my bitcoin address and it gives me an error:
    ERROR: task invalid! please try again

    repeated multiple times and so far unable to register my address at all


    1. adminadmin Post author

      Hi goldbit89,

      we checked our Database and you have registered a few tickets since you left this comment, so it looks like you’ve been able to solve your problem?!

      You should only receive this message if your JavaScript would be disabled or when you submit a ticket from the page after it has expired (if you leave the page open for several hours and then click submit)

      Please let us know if you run into problems again!

    1. adminadmin Post author

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your Feedback!

      as a matter of fact we are already working on something along that line! You might have noticed our last round had a surprising 4th and 5th winner, but that’s only a small start to what we are going to roll out in the coming days.

      Once we have updated the Lottery’s core features we are planning to release a detailed history section listing all previous prizes, winners and more statistics.

      stay tuned!

  5. Jukka

    oi, do you payout automatically, or am I able to save up my coins and request them when i want too ?
    if you payout automatically, is there anyway you can delay the payment till i reach lets say like 10.000 uBTC ?

    nice site keep it up, won my first price today #3

    1. adminadmin Post author

      Hi Jukka,

      atm we are automatically queuing payouts as soon as a player has stepped over the dust limit. It’s not really fully automatic but we do not currently have a good way to delay payments for individual players.

      However, we already have the “hold my payments” feature on the road-map, allowing you to do exactly what you wished for. Stay tuned ;)

  6. Jukka

    sounds really great!

    i hope you make it in time, before my coins are being send out.

    1. adminadmin Post author

      well, if you already won a prize and your pending balance has crossed the dust threshold, i am afraid (lol) you will receive your payment tonight already…

      sorry for the incovenience *giggles

  7. Jukka

    it did cross the line, and did get payed (: npnp

    noticed you added the button now, LOVING IT! hopefully more than me will use it and save you some fees!

    1. adminadmin Post author

      what’s your player ID?

      even though it’s very unlikely, 5-30% could still occur in 5 out of 6 claims…

  8. Geoffreaux

    Player ID 1171

    I wasn’t complaining, I really enjoy playing your lottery. In fact, I had just noticed, that I had won a prize in the last lottery, when I pulled 5/6 blanks. I was just shocked at the odds, that’s all.


      1. adminadmin Post author

        AND, you just won 2nd Prize this round!

        i guess that’s how it goes with statistical flukes, one day you are extremely unlucky, you can be sure the opposite will happen on another day… congratulations… AGAIN ;)

  9. deepak

    Where can i see my ticket status. ?

    Yesterday i have 6 tickets and today showing 1 ticket where is 5 ticket result it is lose or win dont know ?

    Please guid me.


  10. goldbit

    is everything ok with payouts? I noticed last 2 weekends , payments didnt go out until monday but today still no payment yet on the lotteries from friday onward and payments over the dust limit as well.

    1. adminadmin Post author


      good to see someone noticed the irregularities ;) We had a major glitch in the drawing of raffle #66 & #67 (possibly due to unreachable blockchain API). These raffles will require manual repairs in the Database and some improvements to the software to prevent this from happening again. All of this is being worked on already.

      All drawings and earnings do work uninterrupted and you can continue playing, the next payout however will only happen once the DB has been cleaned and the failsafe has been put into place, this should be the case on the coming weekend.

      Sorry for any inconvenience caused! And please do not worry, we will pay out all due prizes as soon as feasible.

  11. swampy

    hi guys how are you today great site i think you overlooked my winnings they have been pending for days ? my id is 1160 regards swampy

    1. adminadmin Post author

      sorry for the delays… we had some technical issues over here… as we are resolving them we have just now processed and paid all pending balances… the lottery will also open again very soon, stay tuned!

    1. adminadmin Post author

      While the raffles are closed, it’s impossible to find it, BUT we can also identify you through your wallet address if you need to make any account related inquiries!

      When the raffles are open, you will find your player ID in the player details section below the raffle-form after you have entered your wallet’s address.

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