FREE Bitcoins – a list of the best sources for free BTC

You just got started with Bitcoins and your wallet still shows 0.00? You can’t get enough of the free cash on the internet? Here’s a list of sites that will reward you with free Bitcoins:

BUT: don’t forget to claim your lottery tickets first!

[ Last update: 21.06.2013 ]

Note: All rewards listed are in μBTC. 1μBTC equals one millionth of a Bitcoin. That’s 0.000001 BTC or 100 Satoshis. All sites listed are being verified and checked frequently.


These sites will pay you a small amount of BTC for visiting other advertised websites, watching videos or similar. You’ll have to view the advertised page/video for a certain amount of time to get a reward and to continue with the next view. Easy coins for your wallet!

  • – This one is our favorite. It pays between 5 and 30μBTC per page visited and you can continue with the next pageview usually after just a few seconds. They use a very unique captcha that requires only one click, making the site very easy to use. The BTC you earn are building up and you can order a payout to your personal wallet at any time you like. Two thumbs up! Our Bitcoin Beginners Guide featuers a comprehensive guide on how to use this site.
    Note: keep an eye on the “Current visit value” in the header – after a while it will keep showing pages for “free”. When this happens, just come back a few hours later and start earning again, also if you continue clicking through the “free” pages you might randomly win small prizes.

    NOTE [10.6.13] GOOD NEWS: After a few weeks of downtime, CoinVisitor is back in business. You can reach the site under its regular URL again. Have fun earning, but keep in mind they are recovering from some serious technical issues, so we may still see a few glitches eventually
    NOTE [15.6.13] BAD NEWS: CoinVisitor is having problems with payouts yet again. Additionally there are rumors their wallets have been hacked. Use this Site with caution!
    NOTE [18.6.13] MORE BAD NEWS: CoinVisitor has vanished off the face of the internet AGAIN! The site is currently unreachable on any known domains, even the chat has gone offline. After the past few weeks of issues at CV, we must guess that CV will be gone for good. BUT, we are not giving up hope so easily, lets for the moment believe they will reappear all fixed up and functional in a few days. We are keeping it under our radar!
    NOTE [20.6.13] P.S.: An official statement has been issued HERE.
    NOTE [25.6.13]: We have been able to talk to the CoinVisitor staff and can confirm they are working on a complete overhaul of the site. To show some community love they have offered to sponsor the LIFT Lottery in part. READ MORE
  • – Rewards per pageview vary, usually about 9μBTC but sometimes as high as 100μBTC. The drawback is you have to keep the visited site open for 5 minutes. Payouts are fully automatic and quite frequent (the delay is usually below 12 hours). This site is super easy to use also, but the 5 minutes viewing times get annoying quickly.
  • NEW: – This site requires a signup. They pay 30μBTC per video watched and offer several of those every day (be careful, you cannot use both and at the same time as they are both serving virool videos!) and you can solve infinite captchas for 0.5μBTC each. Additionally you are rewarded 1μBTC every hour for simply staying logged in on their site. All together it’s pretty easy to collect a few hundred μBTC quickly. Only drawback, you have to collect at least 2000μBTC before you can claim a payout.
  • – Here you don’t visit websites, but instead you’ll just have to watch some youtube videos. The site is kind of clumsy to use and the payouts are not transparent at all. So far it appears as if the site pays 10μBTC for every video or hour on the site or so. To be honest, the payouts are simply very irregular and all in all, we do not really recommend wasting too much time there, but if you don’t want to sign up at, this is a fine alternative for earning with watching virool videos in the background.
  • – I cannot really recommend this one. The reward per pageview is usually below 8μBTC. You have to keep the pageview open for 3 minutes and they will not send your earnings until you reach 4000μBTC (0.004 BTC). We have been observing the site for several weeks and have reached about a half of the payment threshold as there are usually only three or five pages to view per day. Needless to say that we cannot confirm whether this site does execute any payments.
  • NEW: – Much like CoinVisitor or Bitvistor but with usually much lower rewards around 5μBTC. Payout is not yet confirmed!


Faucets are sites that give away small amounts of bitcoins for free, just like that. All you have to do is provide a wallet address and solve a captcha. The payouts are usually very tiny and you can only claim a reward once every -

- 24 Hours

  • – This one is kind of special. Pick a bunny and make it race for your reward. Works once every 24hrs. Reward is between 10 and 4μBTC depending on your bunny’s position.
  • – Pays a varying reward for “breaking a crate”. If you are unlucky your crate will be empty, but we opened crates with up to 100μBTC before!! Unfortunately the site often lacks funds and will stay closed for a few days.
  • – Pays about 4-6μBTC every 24hrs. The reward fluctuates but it is seldom much more than that.
  • – Pays once a week, but you can visit daily  to accumulate a bigger reward at the end of the week. We are having trouble confirming the precise amount paid, but so far it appears to be a bit more than the average faucets.
  • – We have observed this site for a while, it appears as if the payouts are very irregular at a frequency of less than once a week, but the payment averages out to roughly ~7μBTC per daily visit.
  • – Pays ~4μBTC once every 24hrs. The rewards for your wallet address are accumulated on the site until you check the “Schedule payment for today” tickbox. Once you order the payout it goes to your wallet within a few hours.
  • – Pays 2μBTC once every 24hrs and collects those on site before an unspecified amount is reached. We have not seen a single payout so far, it’s not looking good. In every respect.
  • – Claims to pay 60μBTC every 24hrs. Additionally they claim that you take part in a lottery for 10000μBTC. We cannot confirm the payout of either reward, though. UPDATE: this site has failed to deliver any payments
  • – Pays 0.0000036BTC every 24hrs. The site requires you to fill in an email address alongside your wallet’s address and the email addresses we used for testing the faucet received some spam right afterwards. You should only cash in here if you have an obsolete spamming address! Payouts are unconfirmed. UPDATE: we tested the site from different dedicated addresses but payments failed. All we received was spam! Hands off this one!

- Hour

  • - Pays 10μBTC every hour, but if you come at the right time and if you’re [very] lucky you might receive up to 1000μBTC. Your rewards will build up and you can request a payout to your own wallet whenever you like.
    Check the “Coming Prizes” Page before you claim you reward to increase your chances of a special reward. In addition to the faucet’s rewards you will frequently win PeerBet coupons worth 50μBTC.  PeerBet is a peer-to-peer BTC lottery site and even if you are not interested in gambling at all, you should still sign up here just to redeem those coupons and transfer the value to your wallet.
  • – Pays 2μBTC every hour. Reward is stored in a “MoneyBox” and you can order a payout at any time. The final payout will take up to 24hrs but we can absolutely confirm it’s legit!
  • – Grants 10μBTC every hour and gives a chance at additional prizes. Just follow the link and then click on “Faucet” in the main Navigation, enter your wallet address and do the captcha. You can enter your wallet once every hour.
    NOTE [15.6.13]- This Faucet has dried out and is not refilling for a few days now. We’ll keep checking but atm it looks like there’s no more BTC to harvest here!
    NOTE [21.6.13] – This Faucet appears to be dead!

- 30 Minutes

* All the below sites are now using a service called to process payments without stumbling over the new dust-limits. We strongly recommend to use all these faucets with one wallet address to collect payable amounts at faster.


On these sites you can do small jobs for bitcoins. The rewards are high compared to all the above sites but you will also need to invest time and attention into tasks like flagging adult images, writing answers to short questions or looking up business addresses. It’s certainly no way to get rich quick, but you can earn a lot more BTC than on the sites above.

  • – All you need to provide is your wallet address and you can start taking on tasks. Your accumulated earnings go to your wallet automatically several times a day. Easy as one-two-three.
  • – The downside here is a high threshold before they will send any BTCs to your own wallet. Your accumulated reward is stored as “points” with a fluctuating rate against BTCs. You might just end up spending hours doing crappy jobs, all the while not knowing what you’ll even get by the time you have accumulated enough for a payout. Don’t start on this site unless you are really determined!

That’s it for now! Keep checking this page, we update this list frequently. Also, if you have any site you want to suggest, why not leave us a comment below?! Happy harvesting!

37 thoughts on “FREE Bitcoins – a list of the best sources for free BTC

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  2. John

    just an update. now offers free bitcoins via a daily drawing. Users can submit their address every day. Just tryin to get the word out to the community

  3. Abitback

    Please add free/earn bitcoin, litecoin and cash for watching videos, listening to your favourite internet radio, tasks, surveys and more!

  4. zapobit

    You can have bitcoins every day without registration.
    If you register, you can have bitcoins every day.

    Already received some payments, so it’s a reliable faucet! :)

  5. BitcoinExtra

    Love your lottery will be adding you to my site very soon and looking out for the bitcoin community with the info above keep them honest.

    Visit Us at the Bitcoin Extra Faucet Counter
    Got all the faucets you need
    One to put on the list above, and I consider a rising star is Land of Bitcoins did a 24 hour run, well best I could. Got .0023xxx BTC not bad off one site.

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  7. VideoBTC

    Great Site.

    We just got going. Earn Bitcoins for watching Videos. .0001 new user bonus! High paying referral system.. Stop in, and keep your bitcoin supporting strong!

    1. adminadmin Post author

      you forgot to mention the fact that your visitors are required to click ads in order to be rewarded by the faucet… mhm… smells fishy…

  8. marijn de Vries

    I have just a question about the website When you receive some peerbet vouchers and you redeem them I don’t see an option to transfer that amount to you bitcoin wallet. If somebody knows if that’s possible I would like to hear it.

  9. alan vero

    When you redeem your Peerbet coupon, check the menu down the left hand side of the screen. Choose the Withdraw option to transfer the amount to your wallet. Well worth doing – I’ve redeemed as much as 30,000 in one day.


    1. adminadmin Post author

      ok, interesting… we don’t quite get your site, apparently it is required to signup for the forum before being able to use the faucet?!

      … and also we’d like to de-cypher your previous statement… 1000 Satoshis = 0,01mBTC / 0,001mBTC = 100 Satoshis :) just so that newbies reading your previous post won’t get confused about these numbers :P

  10. Danielle

    Great info for those looking to get started earning bitcoins without mining. Here’s a few faucets I didn’t see listed that are working:

    For those with extra BTC we’re accepting donations for Food For The Poor:

    LTC: LeyXcTFxC5Ku3KDUyhwDHtLko1JwChd99h
    BTC: 1JXDWVf7s7QVoPvLnkESxpSPw7zfMK7NHe

    or if you don’t trust a random post, google them on Charity Navigator. 95% of donations actually go to helping the poor.

    Good Luck Everyone!

  11. Jacce

    I also suggest you guys check out this faucet. It is a site where you can claim 25-5000 satoshis every hour. It also uses Microwallet to ensure safe transactions and to prove it’s not a scam.

  12. Bitcoin

    Hi, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog in Chrome, it looks fine but when opening
    in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other then that, great blog!

  13. M Bell

    Coinad had trouble with its chat service.They also owed me 30 000 satoshi which they said they had paid but didn’t.A week later they changed to PTC beware if done once will always be an option if bitcoins are tight

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